Not your average co-working space

There are no fluorescent lights, no ugly, utilitarian fittings or 'functional' carpet here. There are also no battery-hen-like cubicles either…

The Production Hub is the perfect space to work for people wanting to elevate their work and business.

In 2014, filmmakers Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley were looking for an office in Newcastle for their business. They knew the value of working with a community of people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ambitions. So, they opened a co-working office. A space for like-minded people to connect and share in the daily ups and downs of small business. The size of this office attracts individuals or teams of two. Gavin and Olivia believe it attracts the type of people it does due to the form and function of this personally designed and managed office space.
The Production Hub | Space to Work | Desk Hire | Hot Desk | Co-Working | Newcastle

An open-plan design is complemented by artfully designed partitions that provide privacy where it’s needed. High ceilings and a spacious layout mean that members are not crowded

Energy-efficient LED lighting augments the natural light when wanted. Ducted air makes the office a haven in both the humidity of summer and the cold of winter. Beautiful art, up-cycled partitions, a small forest of plants, and colourful furniture make the space feel plush and inviting.

The Production Hub | Space to Work | Gavin Banks | Olivia Olley
The Production Hub | Space to Work | Co-Working | Newcastle
The Production Hub | Space to Work | Meeting Room Hire | Co-Working | Newcastle

The Production Hub has provided a launchpad and a home to a range of talented individuals and vibrant local businesses