We, (Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley) opened The Production Hub in March 2014. Our dream was to create a home for the creative industries in Newcastle. We wanted to have a beautiful working environment that offered unparalleled facilities for creative endeavours. We also wanted to have a venue that was inspiring to walk into. To realise this dream we worked endlessly for 4 months. Building the office was a true feat and we had great support from friends, family and Newcastle’s creative community.

Now that our dream is a reality we hope to expand on the collaboration process. We invite small creative businesses to share the office with us, bask in the natural light that streams in from Hunter Street, partake in our events or just enjoy the great facilities we have on offer.

Located above Frontline Hobbies at 4 Crown St Newcastle, we’re seconds away from great coffee at Coffee on Crown and hot popcorn at Tower Cinemas.

Here at TPH our motto is Be connected. So, if you haven’t yet come in for a visit, what are you waiting for? Get in contact and be connected.

Our fist event for Hub Talks will be announced soon!

To be connected, call Olivia on 0403 612 760 or email us.