Since opening up The Production Hub we have seen many benefits to being a part of a co-working, multi-purpose facility. If you are working from a standard office (or local coffee shop) check out seven reasons you should change to a co-working space.

1. No Guilt

Hourly coffee purchases might be the best way to avoid glares from café employees during your eight-hour work-day at one of their tables; but at The Pro Hub you don’t have to feel guilty about, well, working. Here you can plug in your laptop and take that phone call without the glare of any annoyed waitresses. And by having coffee only one time a day rather than eight – you sleep better at night – it’s win-win all round!

2. Meet Potential Clients – Network Without Trying

What does property development, creative industry legal advice, online education and a CrossFit app have in common? The Production Hub of course!

We have experts from a range of businesses all working together under one roof – our various clients and connections are opening doors to clients we would never come across. Plus as small business owners we have support from each other to de-brief, refine and excel.

3. The Ideal Office Set Up

The perfect desk set up is essential for a productive day’s work. At The Pro Hub you can work all day and leave your stuff on your desk without the risk of your two year-old creating a masterpiece on your documents. No packing up needed at the end of the day, or when the staff turns the sign on the door to CLOSED. Leave everything as you like and pick up where you left off in the morning.

Get out of the house and out of your pjs! By getting dressed and out of the house you will feel more motivated and therefore more productive with your time.

There are no distractions of household chores at The Pro Hub either, your only distractions will be more important things like youtube and facebook posts.

4. The Water Cooler Community

While we may not have a water cooler, we do have sanity-preserving chit-chats around the kitchen and couches of The Pro Hub. Plus, we’re in the centre of town so all the best places to go for lunch and coffee are just around the corner. So why not take the water cooler convo across the road to The Lucky Hotel, or around the corner for a game of virtual golf at the end of a hard day’s work?

5. Legitimate Meeting Space

Although you might be comfortable working from your tiny apartment kitchen/lounge room, it’s hardly a place that you’d like to invite clients. Belonging to a co-working space like The Pro Hub includes access to the meeting room and Workshop, which can lend some credibility to your business meetings.

The Pro Hub has a funky soundproof meeting room for six. The workshop boasts a projector and 9m long whiteboard wall. The window-partition on wheels remodels the space into a small function & presentation center catering for up to 30 people. Try pulling that off in your kitchen!

6. Pick Your Niche

You may be the sole employee of your company, but with co-working, you can still enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by people who are doing similar work. Who better to brainstorm an idea with than somebody who knows what you are on about!?!

7. Learn Something

Most co-working spaces host events and seminars that appeal to their members. At The Pro Hub, for instance, we offer regular Pro Hub Talks with inspiring individuals and play host to seminars and staff training days for other companies. Our workshop and meeting rooms are available for rental. It is great to have new energy renting the space on a regular basis, we love new ideas in The Pro Hub.

Not convinced yet? Contact us for a tour at [email protected]