The Production Hub

The Production Hub, Newcastle, is a world class co-working studio and shared office space. It’s the perfect working environment for experienced professionals, freelancers and small businesses owners who understand the importance of productivity.

A space that works for you

The studio is custom-designed to be a beautiful, comfortable space where you have everything you need to get on with what you do best.

  • Accessible: get unlimited access to all facilities 24/7
  • Connected: enjoy 20/20 symmetrical business internet (yes, it’s faster and more reliable than the NBN)
  • Comfortable: enjoy ducted air conditioning, year round
  • Private: use our sound-proof Meeting Room any time you need it
  • Innovative: develop your ideas in the Workshop – our mind-mapping / brainstorming area
  • Adaptable: host events for up to 35 people using our data projector and cinema screen
  • Secure: monitored security alarm system
  • Earth friendly: as a commitment to our environment our studio runs on carbon-neutral power
  • Friendly: become part of a great community of motivated professionals

And… you can brand your own workstation.

A welcoming community of professionals

TPH is home to a community of professionals who understand the realities of small business and deadlines. But we also enjoy having fun. The work culture here allows members to come to work and ignore the world if they need to. But we equally enjoy engaging when the pressure backs off, so social events are not uncommon. Our occasional Friday night drinks and annual Christmas parties have been known to range from fun to legendary. In the words of one of our members: “I met more people in my first four months at TPH than I did in the previous four years”.


“Put simply, the Production Hub is the best office/work environment I have ever experienced.
The fit out looks amazing and is functional and it is filled with interesting and motived people.
I cannot help but be inspired every time I step through the door.”

Craig McGaffin, Property Developer

“I’ve worked in a number of co-working spaces, both locally and abroad, and ‘The Hub’ is by
far the best I’ve ever experienced. Many of my clients have expressed wanting to quit their day jobs
just so they can work in here.”

Ian Belcher, Senior Software Developer

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